About CFHosting

CFhosting.ca offers Canada's most reliable and secure ColdFusion hosting solution.

With over 15 years ColdFusion hosting experience, a focus on excellent customer service and affordable options, we offer the best choice for your ebusiness.

Every member of our network support team has coding knowledge of ColdFusion and we also guarantee 99.9% uptime on all of our packages.

The CF Hosting Difference

CFhosting.ca's unique combination of consulting experience, technological skills, and customer service separates us from our competition. Through 15 years of experience with Macromedia/Adobe and Windows Applications, we have fine tuned our servers to offer the best performance and uptime for Cold Fusion and ASP.NET applications. By limiting the number of different protocols and sites available per server, we can offer the best stability for Macromedia and ASP.NET written applications.

Clients deal directly with technicians who have Adobe Cold Fusion and Microsoft Training. There is no screening process -- you will always reach a qualified technician. All of our dedicated hosting technicians have a minimum of 3 years of hosting experience and are recognized as 2nd level support.

We are no longer able to offer legacy ColdFusion sites as they require MS Server 2003 which will no longer be supported as of the summer of 2015. We currently offer ColdFusion 9 and can offer development services if you require assistance upgrading your site.

We specialize in catering to clients who have highly customized sites or use multiple web technologies. Many of these clients come to us when they have issues configuring their site to work with other provider's control panels or systems. Our technicians will work with you to make sure your site transition or setup is successful.

Experience the customer service difference that CFhosting.ca has to offer.
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