Custom Shared Hosting

If your site requires additional technologies or configurations that our Plesk control panel cannot provide, then we also offer custom shared hosting plans that can accommodate your hosting needs. We offer Microsoft Windows based custom hosting solutions, supporting (IIS 7, HTML, PHP, ASP, .NET Nuke, and ColdFusion 9).

Our staff will guide you through the site setup process and offer customized configuration solutions for your site as required.

*All prices below are in Canadian Dollars:

Custom Shared Hosting Pro Ultra E-Commerce
Pay Monthly $29.95 $49.95 $79.95
Pay Annually
(1 free month hosting)
$329.45 $549.45 879.45
Setup Fee (up to 1 hour free) $49.95 $49.95 $49.95
Storage Space 2GB 4GB 8GB
Bandwidth(shared) 100 Mbit 100 Mbit 100 Mbit
Monthly Data Transfer 30GB 60GB 100GB
Web Based Email Accounts 5 10 15
Access / MSSQL 2008 / MySQL Databases/Datasources 2 5 8
Domain Alias / Sub Domains 3 5 8
On Site Daily Backups Yes Yes Yes
SLA** Bronze
7 x 365
7 x 365
Dedicated IP Yes $20/Month included
Additional Disk Space 1GB Yes $1/Month $1/Month
Additional Bandwidth per month 10 GB Yes $10/Month $10/Month
Additional Mailboxes (5 allotments) $2/Month $2/Month $2/Month
Platinum SLA 24 x 7 x 365 No No $150/Month
Support Hourly Rate $95/hr (min 0.5hrs) $95/hr (min 0.5hrs) $95/hr (min 0.5hrs)
Host Headers 5 5 5
SSL CERTIFICATES Click for details Click for details Click for details
Domain Transfers to VLinteractive $30 + transfer cost $30 + transfer cost $30 + transfer cost
Domain Renewals $15 + renewal cost $15 + renewal cost $15 + renewal cost
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